Motorhomes & Campervans Suitable for Children

A motorhome trip…a holiday the whole family can enjoy!

Euro-Voyager Prestige dinette and bunks

Traditionally, family holidays under canvas or in cramped caravans can be a little testing for even the most organised of parents but you can really enjoy a relaxed holiday with all the freedom of camping in a fully equipped motorhome.

A motorhome trip can be significantly less expensive than a traditional hotel or villa holiday too since our motorhome hire rates are based on the cost of the vehicle with no expensive supplements for additional rooms. The ongoing costs of campsites, fuel, motorway tolls etc. are also much the same regardless of how many passengers you take so adding more family members only makes the per head cost of a trip better value. Our larger motorhomes cost relatively little more than the smaller ones so the hire charge too is a little easier on families.

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