Motorhomes & Campervans For Rental In France – Our Vehicle Range

Every one of our hire vehicles feature the essentials for a great trip; domestic-style fridges; shower rooms with WC; plenty of running water; self-charging battery power; winter-grade heating systems and insulation; stylish, light and airy interiors and all of the accessories needed for your trip.

We have vehicles which are perfect for singles, couples and families. Whichever vehicle you choose, our vehicles are less than two seasons old (and half will be brand new each season!).  Click on any of the vehicles below to see exactly what’s included in the specification of our fleet or get an instant, accurate price by adding your dates and clicking on the “Get a Quote or Book Now” button above.

1. Duo – Ideal for 1 or 2 (max 2)

2. Duo Plus – Ideal for 2 (max 2)

Euro-Explorer Compact Prestige motorhome
Euro-Explorer Compact Prestige layouts

3. Family Traveller – Ideal for 4 (max 4)

Euro-Explorer Motorhome
Euro-Explorer layouts

4. Family Traveller Plus – Ideal for 3 or 4 (max 4)

Euro-Voyager motorhome
Euro-Voyager layouts

5. Family Voyager – Ideal for 3 or 4 (max 6)

Euro-Voyager Prestige motorhome
Euro-Voyager Prestige layouts

Our Models

Introduced in 2016, our range follows the very latest trends in European motorhome design. The vehicles have been carefully selected from the top-selling manufacturer in Germany (acknowledged leaders in the European market) and include the best equipment and latest technologies available.

The aerodynamically optimised bodywork and use of lighter construction materials contribute greatly to fuel economy and styling; a wide-track rear chassis offers greater stability and driving comfort; intelligent, ergonomic designs with ultra-modern ambience make for great interior spaces; cold-foam comfort mattresses and slatted bed frames ensure an even better night’s sleep; soft close drawer closures and contemporary lighting add to the comfort of the kitchen and dining area; cutting edge energy systems allow true independence when away from campsites; centralised water and waste tank service compartments make for easier daily routines. All of these features now come as standard on our prestige range.

Unlike other hire companies, we only buy our vehicles from one manufacturer so the vehicle you select and book will be the one you check-out (although occasionally we offer free upgrades if circumstances dictate!).