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Hire a Motorhome or Campervan to go to events in France

If you have ever travelled to a major event and had to find accommodation nearby, the chances are you have already experienced the frustrations of trying to find a suitable, available, hotel or B&B within striking distance, which will accommodate the peculiar hours you keep during the event.

Add to this the cost of staying in a hotel or B&B (together with enforced eating out) and very soon a hired motorhome starts to look attractive for reasons of both convenience and cost.

Many large sporting events and festivals actively encourage motorhomes and campervans and often provide facilities for them so parking at or right near the venue with your own self-contained home on wheels is a very practical solution whether you are taking part in the event or simply there to spectate.

Our clients have hired motorhomes and campervans for just about every sort of event in Europe. All commented on just how convenient was to be totally independent and set their own schedule. The most popular benefits are; not having to get on a transfer bus from a distant hotel (or sit in a traffic jam) and not relying on crowded restaurants for meals (just light the barbecue, pull up your chair and watch others standing in the queue!). You simply choose your motorhome parking spot and stay on site for the duration of the event with your own bathroom, kitchen, fridge and comfortable bed.

Of the events which we know clients have visited, there are some which are particularly suitable for campervans since the venues provide dedicated facilities for them but even if your event is being hosted at a temporary location, the independence offered by a motorhome means you can still stay there in total comfort. The France Motorhome Hire fleet is totally autonomous for days at a time so you are not reliant on electricity and water connections for example – you have your own self-contained systems on board the vehicle.

If you are following an event that is a constantly moving such as The Tour De France cycle race, a motorhome is a particularly good way of seeing the action and being able to catch multiple legs. Our entire fleet is always booked solidly for the period of the Tour De France (in fact, you need to book very early if you want to watch this particular event from a motorhome such is the demand for hire vehicles around that time) but there are many other forms of sport which are also great to watch or compete in from the comfort of a campervan.

The France Motorhome Hire fleet have been to: Le Mans 24 hours and Moto GP, UEFA European Football, The Tour de France, FIFA Junior World Cup Football, The Monte Carlo Rally, Superbikes at Magny Cours and Assen, Show Jumping at Fontainebleau, Spa, Monza, Monaco and Silverstone Formula One Grand Prix, Historic Rally of Ypres to name but a few.

Of course, it’s not only outdoor events which lend themselves to a self-sufficient style of accommodation – our hired motorhomes are frequently found at large exhibitions, trade shows, fairs and even concerts where the convenience of having your own portable home just outside is a big plus for visitors. Imagine, after a long day on your feet at a trade show or exhibition, just how much easier it would be to walk a short distance to your own motorhome than battling to a hotel miles away. You can be showered, sipping chilled wine and eating dinner before the last exhibitors have left the building!

If you are an event organiser, a motorhome can be a great way of carrying your personal possessions and your “organisers office” with you – you can take your home-away-from-home with you right to the door of the event and always have the easy option of nipping back to your own private space if you need to.

France has a great reputation for putting on excellent Christmas Fairs every year and we have several customers who come here specifically to soak up the atmosphere and do a little xmas shopping at these popular spectacles (see www.christmasmarkets.com for ideas on where to find the best Xmas markets). Even in the major towns where the fairs take over all the streets, there is always somewhere to park a motorhome or campervan for one or two nights and many of the towns have municipal campsites or free places specifically for motorhomes.

Throughout the year, France has massive gourmet, craft and other themed festivals and markets all over the country which are great events to visit by motorhome or campervan. You could incorporate a few of these events into your holiday schedule or plan a special trip around them. Read more about the food and wine festivals of France in our blog.

Events don’t have to be on a grand scale to be called events of course. Even simple family gatherings such as weddings, important birthdays or just getting together for Christmas can put strain on bed availability. The answer may lie in a motorhome – collect a vehicle from our central France depot, drive to your destination and simply park nearby. No sleeping on the sofa, sharing a bathroom with ten others, checking in and out of hotels and no getting locked out of the B&B after the festivities are over!

Whatever the event, a motorhome can be a hugely versatile solution to an event accommodation requirement. Check out prices and availability for your next French event by clicking on the “Quotes and Bookings” button.

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