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Hire a Motorhome or Campervan in France for cycling holidays

Cyclists and campervans are made very welcome in France

couple cycling near Chambord chateaux

It’s obvious when you think about it, the country that hosts the world’s biggest cycle race is going to be a great place to ride a bicycle. Bikes are welcome practically everywhere in France and there are thousands of kilometres of marked cycle routes throughout the country with new routes opening every year.

Virtually every town and village has made provision for cyclists too.  There are cycle lanes alongside many roads, dedicated cycle tracks into and around larger towns and bike parking facilities.

Add to this the sincere welcome shown to motorhome tourists and you will soon see why basing your French cycling holiday in a motorhome is simply the icing on the cake (or “the butter on the spinach” as they say here in France!). The informal and relaxed nature of motorhome accommodation and the ability to tour different regions makes campervan travel a great addition to a cycling trip.

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast who’s in search of some exhilarating long-distance riding or someone who likes the idea of an afternoon spent weaving through a couple of quaint towns, you really won’t be disappointed by France’s unspoilt country roads and sensational surroundings.

All France Motorhome Hire vehicles are fitted with bike racks

The France Motorhome Hire Team highly recommends taking bikes on your RV trip.  All France Motorhome Hire vehicles come fitted with a bike rack, included in the hire price.

We offer bike hire too

You can, of course bring your own bikes but if that is not practical, you can also hire bikes from us. Our rental bikes are not the usual motley tourist selection; we offer current Decathlon (road/mountain hybrid) bikes that are ideally suited to leisure cycling on the roads, cycle paths and tracks of France. Our bike hire prices are less per day than most hire companies charge per hour so hiring bikes from us is both a convenient and inexpensive option if you want to take some bikes on your trip. See prices and details of our hire bikes

Bringing your own bikes

Bringing your own bikes is easy if you are arriving by car but trickier and more costly if you are flying in.  However, many of our clients do fly in and bring their bikes so if you cannot live without your own bike and want to do some serious cycling whilst you are here, we would encourage you to do so.  If we are transferring you to our depot, just let us know you are arriving with bike cases and we will ensure we send a suitable vehicle to transport them.  Read our blog on tips from some of the many clients who have arrived with their bikes by public transport

The cycle routes of France and Europe

It is possible to travel safely by bicycle using marked cycle routes all the way from The English Channel to the Mediterranean and from the Atlantic coast to the German border.  If you’d rather spend every day cycling than driving, the density of cycle routes allows you to literally base yourself in one area for weeks and still explore a different cycle route each day.  If you prefer to see a variety of regions, just use your motorhome to cover greater distances and cycle more parts of France or Europe.

Check out these two websites for details of the vast network of cycle routes in France and Europe:

Cycle routes in France

Cycle routes in our neighbouring European countries

More detailed information about cycle routes in France

The tourist authorities for each region of France offer superb cycle route suggestions.  From challenging Alpine or Pyrenean climbs to the flat, riverside routes of The Loire Valley and from vineyard trails in Burgundy to olive groves in Provence, the regional tourist boards will give you all the maps and route suggestions you need.  To find and contact the tourist authority of your choice, visit our webpage: Regional Tourist Boards of France

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are great for increasing the distance you can travel on a bike and taking the strain out of covering hilly terrain.

We don’t offer electric bikes to rent as they are too heavy to carry on our bike racks but electric bike hire depots are cropping up all over France so you can hire them for a day at time.  They typically cost around €40 per day to hire and are most commonly found in popular tourist areas.  The “Office de Tourisme” in any town should have list of places they can be hired locally.  Read our blog about the day we tried out some electric bikes in the riverside city of Auxerre near our depot.

Children’s bikes

To offer children’s bikes for hire we would need to stock hundreds in order to have bikes suitable for children of all ages/size so we cannot offer them.  However, our hire bikes might well be suitable for older/taller children and you can read more about the other options for getting your hands of some kids bikes.

The FMH Team are all cycling nuts and we look forward to loading some bikes on to your campervan and sharing our passion for cycling in France soon!

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