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Hire a Motorhome or Campervan in France for cycling holidays

chambordJust like motorhomes and campervans, cyclists are made truly welcome in France. It’s obvious really, the country that hosts the world’s biggest and most famous cycle race is bound to offer superb conditions for leisure cyclists too.

By far the largest opportunity for relaxed cycle-tourism in France is provided by the country’s extensive network of secondary roads and country lanes. The vast majority of this road network is composed of minor byways, where vehicle traffic is very light and as a result, cycling is both peaceful and safe throughout the country.

However, even safer than the minor road network is the constantly developing network of cycle ways which now offers a couple of thousand kilometres of dedicated tracks where the most serious hazards are likely to come in the form of pedestrian hikers or wandering wildlife!

It is possible to travel safely by bicycle using marked and often dedicated cycle routes from The English Channel to the Mediterranean, and from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean or to the German border.

Add to this the sincere welcome shown to motorhome tourists and you will soon see why basing your French cycling holiday in a motorhome is simply the icing on the cake (or “the butter on the spinach” as they say here in France!). The informal and relaxed nature of motorhome accommodation and the ability to tour different regions makes it totally compatible with cycling through the French countryside.

All France Motorhome Hire vehicles come with a bike rack included in the hire price, so you can bring your own bikes or hire bikes from us. Our hire bikes are not the usual motley tourist selection; we offer current Decathlon range bikes that are ideally suited to leisure cycling on the roads, cycle paths and tow paths of France.


The choice of cycle routes here is now so extensive that you can literally base yourself in one region and explore in a different direction each day or move your motorhome to cover greater distances and explore more regions.

France and a motorhome is a wonderful combination for any style of holiday but add cycling into the mix and you will even be able to enjoy all that lovely wine, cheese and gourmet food in a totally guilt-free way, burning off the calories as you go!

The tourist authorities for each region of France offer superb cycle route suggestions from the somewhat challenging Alpine and Pyrenean climbs to the easy canal and river tow paths of Burgundy or The Loire Valley (and just about every grade in between). Choose the regions you would like to cycle then visit our Regional Tourist Board

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