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Motorhome Trips in Europe

A motorhome trip must be the perfect way to explore Europe. Provided you don’t mind driving and have the time to devote to a European road trip, a motorhome gives you total freedom and flexibility.

No detailed planning, complex itineraries or reservations required, just go where the mood takes you and see what you want to see.

No dragging luggage on and off of planes, trains and buses, checking in/out of hotels and trying to stay on time for the next part of the trip. Move into your motorhome once then move on when you feel like it, with all your luggage upacked for the duration of the trip.

Gone are the bad old days of endless passport controls, customs checks and currency changes. The European Union has eased the burden of Trans-Continental border crossings and you can now make a seemless transition when driving from one country to the next.

European roads are well maintained and the autoroute network extensive so driving and navigating is easy provided you have good maps or a GPS to guide you. Driving standards are good across Europe and outside of the major cities there is little traffic so moving from one country to another is generally stress free. There are some notable exceptions to the stress free driving conditions, all centred around or in the big cities so if the focus of your trip is cities with major museums, renowned art galleries and theatres, a motorhome is probably not for you. That’s not say you should not fit in the odd city fix on your trip but if all you want is cities, hotels would probably be easier!

If you like pretty villages, local markets, stunning views and truly want to sample the European lifestyle, a motorhome trip is definitely the best way to explore Europe.

Travelling in a motorhome will also make your European trip significantly less expensive and give you much more control over what you eat and spend. Read our tips on how to keep your motorhome trip costs down: link to how to save money page.


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