Win a Luxury Motorhome Holiday!

23 Apr

French Property NewsThere is a wonderful opportunity to win three nights in a luxury hired motorhome from us at France MotorHome Hire, for those of you who are thinking about traveling, this contest entry is a must!

The prize voucher has been randomly placed in one of the special 25th anniversary issues of French Property News, which goes on sale May 21, 2014. We know that our prize will be very popular with new as well as established readers of French Property News. French Property News regularly offer fantastic prizes for their subscribers who always anxiously look forward to their contests, while at the same time enjoying the many benefits of the publication. The forums, news stories, recommendations/reviews, and informative articles are not only entertaining, but useful as well.

Living and traveling in France, by those who are lucky enough to be able to do so, has been described as one of the best experiences in their lives. The beautiful countryside welcomes both foreign travellers and natives alike. For those who don’t yet own their own motorhomes, looking forward to the possibility of winning this three day voyage and enjoying a pleasant holiday is a joy.

Traveling by motorhome offers the visitor a more intimate holiday experience. Unlike organised (and usually more formal) vacations, the self-guided motorhome excursion is more relaxed, bringing both wanderer and country folk together.

Several previous motorhome holiday makers have commented that the absolute simplicity of this unpretentious method of travel not only allowed them to enjoy a sense of community with their family, but provided an unexpected sense of relaxation and peace while traveling in the motorhome. Wandering at their own pace, following their map was such a diversion from their usual routine life, that most commented their initiation to this nomadic holiday was a God-send. Don’t miss the opportunity to enter; you just may win!

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