Where do FranceMotorhomeHire clients come from?

27 Jan

We have a fantastic range of client nationalities hiring our campervans and motorhomes. Mostly, they are from English-speaking countries, from as far afield as New Zealand and Australia, but some simply speak a little English and find our straight-talking, English-language website easy to understand!

Where are FranceMotorhomeHire clients from?

Last year, the majority (32%) of our clients nipped across the Channel from the UK to pick up their campervans and motorhomes, followed very closely by Australian travellers who made a much, much longer journey. This year, so far, Australian clients have taken the lead (36%)!

In 2015 our clients were from:

  1. United Kingdom 32%
  2. Australia 31%
  3. New Zealand 13%
  4. USA 8%
  5. Canada 5%
  6. South Africa 4%
  7. Europe (non-UK) 4%
  8. South America 2%
  9. India 1%

So far this year our clients are coming from:

  1. Australia 36%
  2. United Kingdom 32%
  3. Canada 10%
  4. USA 9%
  5. New Zealand 6%
  6. South America 5%
  7. Europe (non-UK) 2%

Bookings are pouring in fast from English-speaking nations all over the world for this spring, summer and autumn so wherever you are coming from, do book soon if you plan to come this year.

Read great advice about hiring a campervan or motorhome written by our clients from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the USA.

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