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About our special 2013 Tour Package

15 Jun

In order to celebrate the 100th edition of the biggest cycling event in the world, France Motorhome Hire presents a comprehensive package for those looking to follow The Tour via campervan.

The 2013 Tour de France promises to be a very special event indeed and even before the official route is published, we are taking a large number of enquiries from groups who are thinking of coming for what will be a “Tour” of historic importance in 2013.

Our all inclusive hire package starts on Saturday 29th June with pick up from our Montargis depot (an easy train journey from Paris) between 2pm and 5 pm, leaving you plenty of travelling time to get to the southern town of Nice in time for the first mainland stage on Tuesday 2nd July.

Your hire will finish on the morning of Saturday 20th July with transfer back to our local station in time to catch a train to Paris the day before the Ceremonial finish there.

If you want to go the whole hog and head for Corsica for the start on Saturday 29th June you can collect your vehicle on Tuesday 25th June and make your way down to the south coast for the ferry crossing to the island on Friday 28th June and be in position in time to see the start.

You can also extend your hire until after the race, heading to Paris and staying on a nearby campsite for the finish then returning your motorhome on Monday 22nd or Tuesday 23rd July.

Our young fleet of motorhomes and campervans are already equipped with everything you need for a successful motorhome trip but for the 2013 tour period, our package prices include the following essentials in addition to all the features and equipment usually found on our vehicles.

  • Two “hybrid” bicycles which can be carried on the bike rack supplied on all our vehicles for easy access to the stages and start/finish location.  Parking is often at a premium near the start/finish towns so be prepared to park some way outside town and cycle in (or use the bikes to recce a good place to watch and walk in if there are more than two of you sharing the vehicle).
  • A  Michelin Atlas of France
  • Free GPS hire – an essential tool for finding locations along the route.
  • 6000 kms included mileage – enough to take in every day of the race and plenty of additional side trips if you wish.
  • Transfers to and from our local train station at the start and finish of your hire or free car parking for the duration of your trip if you arrive by car.
  • Special payment terms: just 10 % booking deposit with a further 20% payable by 30th November 2012 and the final balance payable by 1st May 2013.

In deference to our loyal and fanatical Tour followers new and old, we are reserving our entire fleet just for the Tour package in 2013 so if you want to follow this very special “Tour of my Dreams” (in the words of the Tour Director), book it now!

Needless to say if you want to bring your own bikes you are very welcome to.

Equally needless to say, if you want to follow The Tour route in a motorhome and ride some of the best stages of the 2013 route (on your bikes or ours), before or after the live Tour dates, we’d be happy to offer you this package too (at the applicable seasonal rate which will be lower in any month other than July and really low if you come between October and April).

Tour de France team car

Tour de France 2013 special package tariff

Package prices for the mainland part of The Tour starting in Nice (excluding the Paris finish).

Collect your motorhome or campervan in the afternoon (between 1400 and 1700 hours) on Saturday 29th June and drop it off in the morning (by 1100 hours) on Saturday 20th July 2013.

  • Optimist Campervan (for one or two people) €3295
  • Sky 20 Motorhome (for one or two people) €3695
  • Sky 20 Motorhome (for three or four people) €4195
  • Sky 51 Motorhome (for one to four people) €4450
  • Sky 51 Motorhome (for five or six people) €4695

Optional extension to package that would allow time to get to the ceremonial start on the island of Corsica.  Collect your motorhome or campervan in the afternoon (between 1400 and 1700 hours) on Tuesday 25th June.

  • Optimist Campervan (for one or two people) €428
  • Sky 20 Motorhome (for one or two people) €511
  • Sky 20 Motorhome (for three or four people) €568
  • Sky 51 Motorhome (for one to four people) €608
  • Sky 51 Motorhome (for five or six people) €650

Optional extension to package to take your motorhome or campervan to Paris for the ceremonial finish.  Return your vehicle on Monday 22nd July morning (by 1100 hours or Tuesday 23rd July morning (by 1100 hours).

  • Optimist Campervan (for one or two people). Monday 22nd return €285, Tuesday 23rd Return €428
  • Sky 20 Motorhome (for one or two people). Monday 22nd return €322, Tuesday 23rd Return €483
  • Sky 20 Motorhome (for three or four people) Monday 22nd return €376, Tuesday 23rd Return €564
  • Sky 51 Motorhome (for one to four people).  Monday 22nd return €402, Tuesday 23rd Return €603
  • Sky 51 Motorhome (for five or six people). Monday 22nd return €422, Tuesday 23rd Return €633

Further hire extensions are possible so if you would like to spend time in France or Europe before following The Tour, don’t hesitate to give us your dates and ask for a quotation.


We think there will be huge pressure on campsites on Corsica for the ceremonial start, near Nice for the mainland restart and in Paris for the finish so strongly suggest booking your campsite as soon as you can.  Unlike the rest of France where there are plenty of choices, Corsica, Nice and Paris are always oversubscribed so a visit from The Tour will make it very tricky to find somewhere to park up and stay.

Here are the links to Corsican campsites and the most convenient Paris campsite:



There are no campsites in Nice but many in the area so just request the list from the Nice Office de Tourisme and they will e-mail it to you:


If you are planning to go to Corsica in your motorhome or campervan you can check out and book your ferry crossing here:


Offer terms and conditions: 

The offer only applies to new bookings made after 14th June 2012 and is made subject to the availability of vehicles to hire.

The offer is not available in conjunction with any discounted rate or other offer made by France Motorhome Hire/ SARL Direction France.

Bookings are subject to our usual terms and conditions of hire (available on request or at: http://www.francemotorhomehire.com/terms-conditions.php )

In order to allow for the fact that most bookings will be made well in advance of the final route being announced, the exact dates (and therefore package) offered could be subject to minor changes when the route is officially published.

In addition to the regular security deposit of €2000 for motorhome/campervan hire, a separate security deposit for bikes will be required.

France Motorhome Hire/SARL Direction France do not organise any part of the trip other than the hire of the vehicle and package of inclusions as stated in this offer.  Route planning, campsite reservations and all other arrangements are to be made by the hirer.

We specialise in hire for visitors arriving from overseas so our vehicles are particularly well equipped and ready to use.  Unlike most hire companies in France, our prices include:

  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Roadside breakdown insurance
  • Bike rack, (carries 2 bikes)
  • Good quality outdoor furniture
  • Bedding, bed linen & towels
  • Kitchen kit (cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery)
  • Gas bottle
  • Toilet chemical
  • Safety equipment
  • User manual
  • French camp site guides, membership of “France Passion” (see: www.france-passion.com) for the duration of your hire
  • Water hose
  • Electric cord/European adapter
  • Broom
  • Dustpan & brush

To book your 2013 Tour Package just let us know which dates you’d like and we will check availability and send you a booking form straight away info@francemotorhomehire.com







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