Preparing our depot for your 2017 arrival

22 Feb

Find out how we have been transforming our enormous site into a campervan rental depot ready for your arrival this season…

Preparing our depot for your 2017 arrival

We relocated to our Burgundy depot a few years ago, and have been gradually whipping it into shape. (OK, returning clients might call it “coaxing it into shape” and at a glacial pace, but these things take time in France!).

Breeze blocks to campervans

Our massive site started life as a breeze block factory in the 1950s. In the 1980s it changed career to sell vintage military vehicles, but the old chap who ran the business “lost the plot” (got distracted!) and carried on buying vehicles for years without ever selling any! By the time he retired, and sold the site to us, there were 92 large vehicles stored here along with tons of military equipment – you could barely get through the gate!

Preparing our depot for your 2017 arrival

It took a bit of clearing but we are making good progress now that we can see how much space there is. We have already transformed the semi-derelict works buildings into offices, stores, laundry, a wash up area, a campervan wash bay and an interior cleaning bay.

The gravel has arrived!

Now the ground has defrosted we are tidying up the outdoor spaces. Here’s Phill, FMH’s managing director, spreading gravel:

Preparing our depot for your 2017 arrival

The gravel was delivered yesterday…and the digger came this morning without a driver! So Phill is trying to figure out how to spread the gravel without knocking any buildings down or damaging any campervans. The rest of the team are hiding and have moved their cars to the street, just in case.

Preparing our depot for your 2017 arrival Plenty of room for all

There aren’t many ideal uses for a massive, ex-breeze block works in the middle of a sleepy Burgundy village, but we think a motorhome rental depot and dealership is probably about as good an upcycling project as you’ll see.

We have 26 rental vehicles here now plus clients’ vehicles (in winter storage) and an increasing stock of vehicles for sale. With a 6,600m² (just over 71,000 square feet) plot and a 1,100m² workshop we reckon we can house about 300 motorhomes if we need to, so the site is unlikely to ever hold back our growth.

Preparing our depot for your 2017 arrival

Needless to say, we have room to store your car for the duration of your hire at our enormous and secure depot, so start your campervan rental with us and come and see how we are getting on. We are not going to run out of space but we might run out of vehicles if you don’t book soon for 2017!

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