Do I need an International Driver’s Permit to drive a campervan in France?

21 Apr

International Driving permitsIf you have a national driving licence, issued outside the European Union, you do need to obtain an International Driver’s Permit too.

This is the latest wording on “Rendezvous France” the official French tourism website:

“To drive in France, you must be in possession of your national driving licence (if you’re not an EU citizen, you must have your international driving licence).”



The International Driver’s Permit (also referred to as the International Driving Licence) is basically a translation of your national licence into many different languages (including French).

You must obtain the permit before leaving your country of residence.  The IDP is valid for one year, it is inexpensive and does not require any kind of test to obtain.

Motoring organisations are the most common place to buy one but the choices vary from country to country so a quick internet search for the IDP in your country should give you a list of options.


Don’t forget, the IDP is not valid on it’s own, you also need to have your national licence with you too.

It’s official, if you have a non-EU licence, you also need an IDP to drive in France so don’t leave home without it!


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