France voted number one tourist destination

16 Aug

In figures recently released by the UN World Tourism Organization, it shows that France was the most popular country to visit last year, with 83 million people enjoying all it has to offer – and that’s more than its humble population of 66 million!

It’s easy to see why France has come out on top in this poll, with its stunning beaches that attract the elite, the amazing Alpine villages, and its affinity with fine food and wine all attracting visitors from across the globe.

And it’s not the City of Love that’s behind the massive numbers – it only accounted for just over 15 percent of the tourist traffic, though this could be explained by the fact that the majority of visitors to France were fellow Europeans, more comfortable with visiting the unique vineyards, ski slopes and coastline that Paris doesn’t offer.

Of course, with France leading the way in cuisine, this is also a big reason why everyone loves to visit. France has influenced what we eat and how we eat it for centuries, and has long been tempting tourists as the land of wine and cheese, patisseries and bakeries, and of course, frogs’ legs and escargots.

We’ve also seen a boost in holidaymakers who are giving motorhome hire a go, as it’s a flexible and convenient way of seeing all that France has to offer. Coming from all across Europe, our customers go far and wide just to experience the variety of culture that France has to offer.

From wine tasting in Bordeaux, topping up tans in Nice and visiting relics of two World Wars in Normandy, hiring your own holiday home on wheels is one of the best ways to see all that France has to offer.

Let’s hope they come out on top next year!

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