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How to find and use the legendary “Aires de Services” of France

23 Aug
Aires de Services sign

The French are obsessed with motorhomes, and that’s one of the reasons France has the best services in the world for those travelling in a motorhome. Read on to find out how to find and use them! One good example of the facilities provided are the “Aires de Services” (motorhome servicing points) located all over…

A great way to find motorhome friendly places to stay

28 Jun

Choosing where to stay the night in your campervan or motorhome in Europe just got easier. Here’s why… There are literally thousands of places to stay overnight in your motorhome in Europe. However, most websites are limited to information about just one type of overnight halt, such as campsites, or only offer options for just…

Why France is the best place to go wild in a campervan!

24 May

Years of campervan and motorhome travel in France have shown us that you can pull over for the night almost anywhere. Read on to discover some of the places where we’ve “gone wild” for the night… We often blog about the thousands of formal places to stay in campervans, such as campsites and “Aire de…

A weekend visit to Rocamadour in Lot, near the Dordogne

26 Oct

We just spent a weekend in “Lot”, discovering yet another beautiful area of France.  All my blogs about France seem to start the same way: “I had no idea this area was so pretty and interesting…”, but I suppose that is because most of France just is! There’s so much to tell you of our…

How to plan your European campervan trip

24 Feb

Planning where to stay in your campervan in France and Europe We think you’ll get much more out of your trip to France and other European countries with a little pre-trip planning, particularly concerning where exactly you are going to park and sleep – whether that’s a farm, five-star campsite or a roadside aire. Here…

France Motorhome Hire Client Blog

22 Sep

Every now and then, our clients are prepared to share their European campervan adventure with us and it is great to see what our vehicles get up to once they leave the depot! Repeat clients, serial motorhome travellers and all round lovely couple, Kerri and Stirling just picked up a Sky 20 motorhome for a…

Where do I stay during off peak months in a campervan?

17 Sep

If you are considering a campervan break in France during the off peak months (late October to Easter) you may be wondering if campsites and other places to stay remain open outside of high season. This being France, where motorhome travellers are made most welcome, there is still a huge choice of places to stay.…

Campsites and other great places to stay in a motorhome in France

08 Oct

Motorhome holidays provide travellers with plenty of freedom and independence; aside from being able to cook, sleep and relax whenever you like, campervans also allow you to stop-off and explore absolutely any region of France that takes your fancy, before hitting the road once again when you feel like it. Fortunately, France is home to…