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Let’s talk about snails baby!

19 Jul

A change of pace in this week’s blog… After the frenetic action of the Tour de France, with clients coming and going, I’ve decided to slow things right down and talk about snails! The FMH depot is based in Burgundy, where the food and wine is justifiably world famous. However, there is one local gourmet…

Is gluten-free in France possible?

22 Jun
The gluten-free stamp 'Sans Gluten' seen on produce in France

As anyone who has celiac or coeliac disease knows, a gluten-free diet is absolutely essential for their well-being. Equally, gluten sensitivity requires vigilance to avoid the onset of all the symptoms that eating gluten can produce. So eating out can be a big challenge, potentially a health risk and therefore quite stressful. All that makes…

It’s Watercress Season!

11 Nov

Watercress… A superfood right on our doorstep! The “Cressonnière de Veron” (watercress farm) in our village has just opened its gates for the first time since the spring, and will remain open all winter. Our depot is right in the middle of a village with all sorts of amenities, which means we are lucky enough…