Can I park my car at the FMH Depot?

09 Mar

The car parking question is asked so frequently (despite being detailed our home page, in our quotations and in our FAQs!), we felt we should blog about it to reassure you about where you can park your car while you are away in one of our motorhomes or campervans.

Parking is free with France Motorhome Hire

The short answer is: “Yes, you can park your car at the FMH depot free of charge for the duration of your hire”.

We are confident that our depot is pretty secure with its gated access (locked when the depot is closed) and tenants living on site. After all, we now have about 30 nearly new motorhomes on site and are very keen to keep them safe!

With 6,600m2 of outdoor space we never run out of parking bays. Indeed, if you arrive by motorbike we will even offer you indoor parking in our 1,100m2 workshop for the duration of your hire.

Bringing your car means you can stock up on everything French, from wines to cheeses and take a few souvenirs home too.

So, feel free to drive to our depot and leave your car or motorbike with us whilst you enjoy your campervan adventure.

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