Why you’ll never join an organised sports tour and stay in hotels again!

01 Feb

Take our advice and follow French sports events or even a whole European championship in a motorhome!


Very convenient accommodation right near the Monte Carlo Rally in an RV

We are big fans of the Tour de France and so are our clients. In fact, every year for three weeks in July almost our entire fleet of 26 motorhomes and campervans is hired out to follow Le Tour. But it’s not just the Tour de France that our vehicles have followed over the years. How many other sporting events do you think they’ve provided convenient accommodation for?

The short answer is: lots!

To our knowledge they have hosted trips to the Roland Garros tennis championships, the 24 hours of Le Mans, the Vuelta a España cycle race, most of the French and Belgian cycle races, the Monte Carlo, Belgian and Italian Formula One Grand Prix, most European rounds of the Moto GP championship, countless motor rallies and one even followed selected rounds of a European championship for model aircraft flight! Following their own advice, here are France Motorhome Hire’s directors, Phill and Hannah, getting ready to compete in their historic rally car having spent the night in a FMH motorhome.


Phill & Hannah, directors of France Motorhome Hire, with their historic rally car, getting ready to compete

Our vehicles have also been to equestrian events and water sports contests, from surfing to kayaking, and some clients last year followed a three-day walking race – that was, categorically, the slowest our RVs have ever been driven!

An RV (abbreviation of “Recreational Vehicle”, the term our American clients use for “motorhome”) offers unrivalled flexibility for following multi-venue sports or multiple rounds of a championship. They also make for a great base if you want to stay at a sports venue events for a few days where accommodation is oversubscribed or at a premium. Having your own well-stocked fridge, a kitchen, a shower and beds always to hand is a very convenient and comfortable way to attend an event.


Visiting the service area in a campervan on the Monte Carlo Rally 2017

We tend to associate following a sporting event from a campervan with events held when the weather is warm, but these motorsport fans from Bedfordshire (below) recently followed the infamous Monte Carlo Rally (a round of the World Rally Championship) in four campervans, when temperatures did not rise above -1°C (32F) for the duration. They spent the night just 300 metres from one of the stages, so they were in place to see the action the following morning. They said hundreds of other fans camped near the stage in tents overnight (nuts!) and looked with great envy at our campervan fans when they emerged from their cosy vehicles after a good night’s sleep, with a homemade hot bacon and egg sandwich to enjoy whilst they watched the action!


Route planning for following the Monte Carlo Rally in an RV (day two with freshly made bacon sandwich in hand!)

Whether you are competing in or watching your favourite sport, hire one of our motorhomes or campervans for your next trip, enjoy all the comforts of home and stay right on top of the action so you don’t miss a thing. And that’s why you’ll never join an organised sports tour and stay in hotels again!

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