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The best thing about staying in a motorhome or campervan in France is the freedom to stay in a multitude of locations. Unlike other countries that restrict your over night stays to designated campsites only, France offers you the freedom and variety to stop at many different locations and hidden beauty spots on a whim. […]

In 2019 you can travel through France in style using the latest gadgets available on the market. Five must-have gadgets for a motorhome holiday in France Motorhomes have come a long way in recent times and are well equipped for today with USB sockets to charge your devices as you drive. You can now use […]

The FMH depot is located in beautiful Burgundy, just an hour south of central Paris by train. There are not many countries in the world where you can be this close to the capital city but still in an idyllic rural location so we would urge you to make the most of our magnificent location […]

This week we head to the Paris Motorhome Show to spend a bit of time with our manufacturers and check out the 2019 models on display. Whilst most of the people reading this blog are visitors to France and unlikely to make it to the Paris show, if you’re booking a long duration hire trip […]

Many clients ask us whether it is better to hire or buy a motorhome when undertaking a long European trip and we have written an advice page on this topic. However, we feel we should just mention to our Australian and New Zealand clients that there is something you may not know about buying a […]

Lots of our first time hirers ask this question and the answer is not a simple “Yes” or “No”. Most modern motorhomes and certainly all the FMH fleet come equipped with a service battery which is separate to the engine battery and this will power the vital systems in a motorhome or campervan. This means […]

The question of what licence you need to rent a motorhome in France will depend on the country in which your licence was issued and the MAM (maximum authorised mass) of the vehicle you are going to drive. Most modern motorhomes and our entire fleet have a MAM of 3,500 kgs/3.5 tonnes so anyone with […]

Flying in for your French motorhome trip and want to bring your bike? Here’s how to do it… Airline policies restricting the amount of luggage you can take on a flight discourage you from bringing anything much beyond some spare underwear and a toothbrush these days. So, the logistics and cost of bringing your own […]

The question of whether clients can bring their pets with them on their RV/campervan trip comes up regularly.  Sadly we have to decline.  Here’s why… Everyone on Team FMH is an animal lover, so it pains us to say “No” to clients when they ask to bring a pet. But with so many people allergic […]

We’ve discovered how you can read any sign in any European language during your campervan trip! So don’t worry if you can’t read or speak French, Spanish, Italian, German…it’s really not a problem (pas de problème!)… Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Robinsons from Sydney who returned from their hire a couple of […]

Read our 7 tips to prepare, pay for and pass through French autoroute tolls in a motorhome or campervan without delays, hiccups or stress… A toll (péage) on a French autoroute Methods for extracting fees from motorists to use the road network seem to be different in just about every country in the world. Even […]

All of the motorhomes and campervans on the FMH fleet are fully comprehensively insured, covered by roadside assistance/breakdown insurance and under manufacturer’s warranty. Our fleet is well insured and the insurance cover is included in our hire prices. However, as with most vehicle hire companies, there is an excess (also known as a deductible) in […]

Make the most of 2017 French school holiday dates with more festivals, fairs, events and foodie markets to enjoy with no real need to worry about traffic. In last week’s blog we told you about public holidays in France. Continuing on from there, we thought it would be helpful to give you the French school […]

Is it possible, and what’s it like, to cross from France to the UK via the Channel Tunnel in a motorhome? This week’s blog answers your questions. After setting off from our depot in Burgundy, France, some of our clients cross the English Channel (known as La Manche in French, meaning “the sleeve” ) and […]

What exactly is in the kitchen drawers and cupboards when you check in to your campervan? The ‘kitchen kit’ question is a common one, particularly from clients who arrive by car, as they want to know what to pack and what not to. So, we thought it would be useful to add a blog listing […]

The car parking question is asked so frequently (despite being detailed our home page, in our quotations and in our FAQs!), we felt we should blog about it to reassure you about where you can park your car while you are away in one of our motorhomes or campervans. The short answer is: “Yes, you […]